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CPEC Authority: an overview
Last Updated: 2019-11-07 15:48 | Gwadar Pro
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by Muhammad Mehdi


The Government of Pakistan recently publicized ordinance to set up the CPEC Authority and issued tax law ordinance to grant tax special consideration to Gwadar Port and its free zone. What is the intention of CPEC Authority? How CPEC authority will make sure that the CPEC projects are concluded on time? Who will be leading it? The Ordinance expands to the rest of Pakistan.  

Following are the details of the Presidential ordinance to establish a CPEC Authority.


--The Prime Minister of Pakistan will appoint chairperson for the authority, two executive members and six other members for a period of four years.

--A Grade-20 government officer will be the CEO of the CPECA. 

--All decisions that would be taken by the CPEC Authority will be based on consensus.

--Meetings would be conducted every 3 months. 

--Any beneficiary of the CPEC Authority would not be part of the authority.

--A CPEC Business Council will also be formed.

--Each year, the CPEC Authority will develop its own budget. A 3-member budget committee will give the budget approval.

--The Auditor General of Pakistan will audit the accounts of the authority

--A CPEC fund will be created where all CPEC-related grants will be recorded.

--The CPEC Authority can call out any person and question them regarding CPEC project

--Only the federal government can dissolve the CPEC Authority.


According to the government, the plan of the federal government is to restart the CPEC project and attain its objective of not only larger fiscal growth in Pakistan but also mixing the nationwide market into regional and worldwide markets. But opposition parties rejected CPEC authority ordinance. Opposition said that setting up of the CPEC Authority through a presidential ordinance was a “backdoor legislation”. Opposition pointed out that the National Assembly’s Committee on CPEC had collectively opposed and rejected the creation of such a body. Opposition claims that, ignoring parliament and executing this authority via an ordinance was a foreign hand conspiracy to make CPEC controversial. The creation of this authority would produce troubles and barriers in group effort among different departments. This would form bureaucratic obstacles and boundaries that would slow down and freeze CPEC. The national assembly committee said that the issue of creating this authority should be open in the parliament where it should be comprehensively discussed. The committee also directed the government not to go ahead with out an act of parliament. It is also important to keep eyes on the stance of opposition parties regarding CPEC.

The government claims that intention of the CPEC Authority and the up-to-the-minute tax regulations is to supervise and put into operation CPEC projects and guarantee that Gwadar and its free zone are granted with required tax and tariff concessions.

The authority will have significant independence and huge fiscal and managerial control. It will make sure that CPEC projects are finished without hindrance that can otherwise plague growth ventures in the state. The key role of CPEC Authority is to make a central mechanism which can smooth out the progress of the responsibilities on speedy-trail roots. A further purpose of CPEC Authority is to build up unity and collaboration among the range of institutions concerned in CPEC. This way both Pakistan as well as Chinese side will make surean easy run of cooperation, execution and checking of the projects under CPEC.

On the other hand, it is necessary that the key goal of the authority covers and enhance overall export from Pakistan and better ensure effectiveness of domestic companies, for which it should reserve shield from groups with a defense shielding frame of mind.

Along with the establishment of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority and tax concessions, Pakistan also understands the influence of speedy-pacing, the progress of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and providing motivations for underdeveloped and middle enterprises to broaden the manufacturing platform and increase exports.

The collaboration with China is vital for the SEZs, as China boasts over twenty five hundred SEZs, which comprise around fifty percent of the  SEZs around the globe.  

The WIR 2019 declares Pakistan has 7 SEZs. They show token contribution in worldwide significant chains. Pakistan is scheduling other thirty nine SEZs. It is significant to develop the present infrastructure in manufacturing spots alongside with raising the fresh SEZs.

Due to towering trade and making expenses that are likely to build up as an invention shift throughout the significance chain, my homeland is doubtful to manufacture things that suffer a change in different states.

The fresh period of CPEC can facilitate improved manufacturing, trade and industry growth in Pakistan. It is suggested that the CPEC Authority should not only bound itself supporting business and investment between China and Pakistan but should also guarantee export growingprograms with imperative areas all over the world specially US and European Union.

While China as an industrial center of the globe is recognized for its exports, it is furthermore a chief exporter and importer of middle things. China is a key origin state for imports with a number of  big exporting powerhouses in Southeast Asia.

Strategy to enhance business connections with Chinese companies that engage growing exports to other potential areas, is expected to benefit Pakistan.   


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CPEC Authority: an overview
Source:Gwadar Pro | 2019-11-07 15:48
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