40th Anniversary of China's Reform & Opening-up
Inner Mongolia reports fast industrial growth since 19782018-12-19
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China's leading coal and dairy producer, has seen its industrial sector taking off since China implemented the reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago, according to the local government.
How China opened its doors to world2018-12-18
Forty years ago this week, the Jingxi Hotel in Beijing's Haidian district was the venue for one of the 20th century's landmark events.
Technology boosts China's grain production in past 40 years2018-12-17
China's grain production has increased from 135 kilograms per mu in 1978 to 367 kilograms recorded in 2017, boosted by indigenous innovation in agriculture, according to the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences (CAAS) on Sunday.
Documentary about reform, opening-up aired at home, abroad2018-12-15
A three-episode documentary about China's reform and opening-up will be aired to global audiences starting Saturday.
China holds gala for 40th anniversary of reform, opening up2018-12-15
A grand gala was held in Beijing on Friday evening in celebration of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.
China accelerates opening-up in financial sector2018-12-11
Forty years on, financial opening-up, once considered a risk, has proven to be a risk well taken, and a boon for businesses in China and beyond.
Beijing's GDP over 40 times higher than 19872018-12-08
Beijing's gross regional domestic product is 41 times higher than the 1978 figure, when the policy of reform and opening-up began, municipal government said on Friday.
Villages Walk 40-Year Path to Wealth2018-12-07
The book Peasant Life in China, written by prestigious anthropologist and sociologist Fei Xiaotong in the 1930s, lifted the veil on the nation's rural areas to the outside world by documenting traditional life in a small village in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.
Shanghai attracts 95,000 foreign-funded projects since reform and opening up2018-11-21
Shanghai has attracted 95,000 foreign-funded projects since China's reform and opening up, with a total foreign investment of 237.6 billion U.S. dollars, official data showed Tuesday.
From coast to inland: pilot FTZs advancing China's opening-up and reform2018-11-21
The landscape of China's pilot free trade zones (FTZs) will be further broadened with the southern island province of Hainan, which was designated this year as the latest and largest pilot FTZ, a move seen to further open the country's market and to attract foreign investment.
Tourism industry opening on agenda2018-11-14
Beijing will further open its market by allowing a number of wholly foreign-owned companies to provide outbound travel services to customers, a senior official of the city's tourism authority said on Tuesday.
Payment market to get opening-up boost2018-11-14
The nation's latest move to further open up its financial services sector by allowing the first foreign card network to clear card payments in the country will promote sound development and healthy competition in its payments market.
40 years of tourism in the eyes of a tour guide2018-10-11
Forty years ago, when Zhang Gaoyong began his job as a tour guide in Guilin, there were barely any domestic tourists in the city.
Private economy thrives thanks to reform policy2018-10-08
In the 40 years since China began its reform and opening-up, the number of self-employed people in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has multiplied by 752 times.
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