5th World Internet Conference
Wuzhen shows glimpse of a digital future2018-11-14
As the World Internet Conference wraps up its fifth year in the river town of Wuzhen, East China's Zhejiang province, technology once seen as far-fetched flights of fancy are trickling out into peoples' everyday lives and fueling China's nascent digital boom.
Event stresses tech's role in improving lives2018-11-12
The Fifth World Internet Conference ended on Friday with government officials and industry leaders calling for global efforts to build a digital world with shared interests and collective governance.
Prosecutors pledge to protect personal data2018-11-12
Chinese prosecutors vowed to enhance their supervisory role and join hands with other countries to safeguard personal information in the age of big data through the rule of law to effectively ensure data security and further improve internet development.
Bring on board the digital 'left behinds'2018-11-12
Similar to Europe, free WiFi connections are also available in China. In cities and tourist sites, we find free hotspots in hotels, popular restaurants and cafés. Airports and large train stations in China, too, provide free WiFi connection, even if only subscribers to Chinese mobile operators can connect.
Free online access could spur runaway growth in internet industry2018-11-12
If all Chinese people secured lower-cost or free internet access, the internet industry could see exponential growth in market scale, analysts said.
Digital economy driving progress2018-11-12
In particular, Shen said Chinese companies have a distinct competitive advantage in terms of talent.
Experts: Education needs to catch up with high-tech era, emphasize humanities2018-11-12
As artificial intelligence is increasingly used in a wide range of sectors to upgrade services, including education, mounting efforts are needed to reshape the training and employment market to make the most use of the cutting-edge technology, experts said on the sidelines of the Fifth World Internet Conference.
Digital Silk Road strengthening commerce ties2018-11-12
For centuries, the ancient Silk Road trade route connected East and West. In this technological era, it is being revitalized with synergized government development strategies, people-to-people bonds and cross-border e-commerce.
Governments look for new ways to deliver public services2018-11-12
Experts anticipate a future where public services are run online under one integrated umbrella, and where big data and artificial intelligence technologies are used to deliver personalized, efficient services, according to a forum held Thursday during the Fifth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.
E-commerce helps local governments to tackle poverty issues2018-11-12
Local governments and e-commerce companies are working together to help people living in poverty-stricken areas to sell their products online and improve their quality of life.
Digital age redefines media role in society2018-11-12
Traditional media must adapt to new developments like digitalization to continue to attract audiences, said China's top publicity officials.
Expert: Lack of trust main challenge in combating cybercrimes2018-11-12
Troels Oerting, head of the Global Centre for Cybersecurity at World Economic Forum, called for more efforts to boost trust and international cooperation in fight against cyberattacks.
Internet firms urged to continue linkups with lenders, regulators2018-11-12
Internet-based technology is allowing more customers' financial needs to be met, thanks to niche software and collaboration agreements, said experts and CEOs at a sub-forum of the Fifth World Internet Conference on Thursday.
China takes its place among the digital elite2018-11-12
China and the United States are the top contributors to the world's digital economy, which totaled $12.9 trillion globally last year, according to a report released at the Fifth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, which ended on Friday.
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