China pioneers ceramic 3D printing in microgravity2018-06-19
One of the first civilizations to make ceramics about 10,000 years ago, China is now developing technology to manufacture ceramics in space.
Space tourism not far off, rocket maker says2018-06-19
The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is known as a prestigious developer of carrier rockets, but in the near future, it may acquire a new tag: China's first space tourism provider.
'Island-maker' dredger will top Asia rankings2018-06-15
China has recently started building a new cutter-suction dredger that its designer called the biggest and best of its kind in Asia.
Nanotechnology limits pushed2018-06-14
China has made several breakthroughs in cutting-edge nanotechnology in the past five years that will have significant applications in electric vehicles, industrial printing and public health, scientists said on Wednesday.
Biggest civilian drone designed for couriers2018-05-31
Chinese engineers soon will have a world-record-holding product to offer to express delivery companies: the largest civilian
Chinese researchers draw DNA map of rare evergreen2018-05-29
Chinese Researchers have established a DNA database for all 15 species of Taxus chinensis, commonly known as Chinese yew, an evergreen shrub or tree.
China develops wireless systems for rockets2018-05-28
China has developed and tested a wireless measuring system for rockets, the Science and Technology Daily reported on Monday.
China-developed heavy ion cancer treatment system enters clinical testing2018-05-28
Heavy ion medical accelerators developed by Chinese researchers entered clinical testing for cancer patients in northwest China's Gansu Province this month, researchers said.
Asia's deepest scientific drilling program completed in Heilongjiang2018-05-28
A scientific drilling program in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, called the Songke Second Drilling Well, has just completed an exercise that successfully reached 7,018 meters underground.
Chinese researchers use new material to clean water2018-05-28
Team captained by Huang Fuqiang, chief researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, assembles the composite material at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in east China's Shanghai.
Accuracy of Beidou system is improving2018-05-25
China's third-generation Beidou Navigation Satellite System has begun to take shape and continues to improve its accuracy, a program leader said.
Nation vies to lead in adopting blockchain technology2018-05-22
China is likely to take the lead in adopting blockchain - a type of technology originally developed as a digitized public ledger for cryptocurrency transactions - in the real economy, an industry white paper says.
Shenzhen aims to be global technology innovation hub2018-05-21
Editor's Note:This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up. As a major part of economic reform and opening-up to the world, China established five Special Economic Zones in the 1980s. The rise of Shenzhen, the first such zone, epitomizes China's transition from being economically underdeveloped into the world's second-largest economy. This is the first of a series on Shenzhen.
China launches relay satellite to explore Moon's far side2018-05-21
China launched a relay satellite early Monday to set up a communication link between Earth and the planned Chang'e-4 lunar probe that will explore the mysterious far side of Moon, which can not be seen from Earth.
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