Report of water-fueled car called incomplete2019-05-27
Reports that a company in Nanyang, Henan province, had produced a car that can run on water sparked confusion and disbelief, with one engineering professor declaring the feat impossible.
Prototype maglev train can reach 600 km/h2019-05-24
A Chinese manufacturer unveiled a prototype magnetic levitation train with a designed maximum speed of 600 kilometers per hour in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Thursday.
China battery giant CATL achieves 304Wh/kg in new battery cells2019-03-21
China's largest lithium battery producer, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL), has announced that it has created a lithium-ion sample battery cell with an energy level of 304Wh/kg.
Radar to spot the bad guys from on high2019-02-15
China's space engineers said they can now offer a new method to detect terrorists transporting explosives as well as track moving targets more efficiently than current modalities.
5G self-driving bus tested in Chongqing2019-02-09
A self-driving bus assisted by the 5G mobile network is on a test run in Chongqing, a vehicle-manufacturing powerhouse in southwestern China, local authorities said.
Smartphone app caters to needs of dancing aunties2019-01-15
You might have watched Chinese dancing aunties rule the streets, parks and plazas across the country, waving hands to the blaring of catchy pop and folk music. But have you ever noticed these dances are now being fueled by technologies?
Chinese experts set foot in 6G research2019-01-04
Southeast University in eastern China's Jiangsu Province said Thursday that a team has begun to research 6G mobile networks.
China leads into era of automated trains2019-01-03
China's high-speed rail service is the world's leader as the era of automated high-speed trains approaches, with its core technologies and products all domestically made, said Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway Corp, on Wednesday.
High-tech zones advance in innovation2018-12-26
China's National High-Tech Industrial Development Zones, the backbone of the country's high-technology industries, have made major progress in innovation capabilities since 2010. But their ability to attract quality foreign talent and venture capital investment still lags that of Silicon Valley, according to a report published on Tuesday.
Fuxing bullet train options set to attract global buyers2018-12-25
Three new types of domestically developed Fuxing trains designed with varying top speeds made their debut on Monday, which experts said will offer more choices to potential overseas customers.
China releases new four-legged robot, capable of running, climbing stairs2018-12-04
Zhejiang University in eastern China released a four-legged robot Tuesday that is capable of running and climbing stairs.
China leads optical character detection tech2018-11-22
China has grabbed all top five posts of a prestigious global ranking in optical character recognition (OCR) field, The Paper reported on Wednesday.
China sends 5 satellites into orbit via single rocket2018-11-21
China launched a new space environment research satellite and four nanosatellites on a Long March-2D carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 7:40 a.m. Tuesday.
China supercomputer manufacturer demonstrates its new energy-efficient system2018-11-16
Chinese supercomputer manufacturer Sugon demonstrated its new high performance computer called Silicon Cube at an on-going international supercomputer conference in Dallas.
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