China to seek breakthroughs in integrated circuit technology2018-04-26
China will push for breakthroughs in core integrated circuit (IC) technology, an official with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said Wednesday.
China to launch new Earth observation satellite in May2018-04-26
China is to launch Gaofen-5, a hyperspectral imaging satellite for Earth observation, at the beginning of May.
Chinese scientists complete draft genome sequence of tea plant2018-04-26
Chinese scientists have completed high-quality genome sequencing of Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, known as the Chinese-type tea plant, which sheds light upon the genes that determine tea quality and diversity.
China develops ducted fan drone2018-04-24
China has developed its first civilian unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, with a ducted fan system.
Submersible sets record for distance2018-04-24
China's newest unmanned submersible,Qianlong 3, completed a journey of 156.8 kilometers during its second test dive in the South China Sea recently, setting a national record for the longest voyage by an underwater craft, a scientist said on Monday.
China working on wireless charging for rockets2018-04-18
As wireless charging technology improves, small electronic devices such as mobile phones and electric toothbrushes can now be charged without any direct access to a power source.
Scientists develop 3D conic device to increase solar-thermal conversion2018-04-17
Chinese scientists have developed a new device of 3D hollow-cone structure that can greatly increase the solar-thermal conversion efficiency.
China to launch Long March 5 Y3 rocket in late 20182018-04-17
China plans to launch its heavy-lift carrier rocket, the Long March 5 Y3, in late 2018, after finding the cause of the failure of the Long March 5 Y2, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.
Scientists find solutions to keep rockets working2018-04-17
Chinese engineers have determined what caused the failure of the second flight of China's largest carrier rocket, a Long March 5, in July and have come up with corrective solutions, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, which oversees the program.
Science academy launches cloud platform2018-04-13
The Chinese Academy of Sciences launched one of its most advanced scientific cloud platforms on Thursday, to provide scientists with accessible, accurate and secure data services to drive research and innovation, officials and scientists said.
Flowers on the Moon? China's Chang'e-4 to launch lunar spring2018-04-12
China's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to do many things unprecedented in space history after its launch later this year, such as touching down softly on the far side of the Moon and taking the first flowers to blossom on the lifeless lunar surface.
China develops cutting-edge chip for automatic control2018-04-12
China has developed a measurement and control chip that is used in automatic control, according to its developer on Wednesday.
China develops lead-free luminescent material2018-04-10
Chinese scientists have synthesized a new lead-free light-emitting material of high commercial value and significance to the environment.
Chinese researchers transform silk for use in skull surgeries2018-04-10
Few people think that silk can be used as a shield to defend the brain, but Chinese researchers have transformed the soft garment material into screws to stabilize skull bones in brain surgery.
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