Fast forward button pressed on railroad technology2018-08-13
It takes several hours to travel by car from Hollywood to the Napa Valley in Northern California, considered one of the world's premier wine regions.
New chips to be made in 'Optics Valley'2018-08-09
A new type of 3D NAND flash memory technology was released by a company based in Wuhan, Hubei province, during the Flash Memory Summit held in California on Wednesday, providing faster performance with lower costs.
Astronomers discover 'extremely rare' star2018-08-08
Chinese astronomers have discovered the most lithiumrich red giant star known in our Milky Way to date. Scientists said on Tuesday that this "extremely rare and interesting" star can help solve the mysteries of stellar evolution and the origin of lithium in our home galaxy.
Chinese astronomers discover giant star rich in lithium2018-08-07
Chinese astronomers have discovered the most lithium-rich giant star ever known and it could shed new light on the evolution of the universe.
China develops new diagnostic method for coronary heart disease2018-08-06
Chinese scientists have developed a new diagnostic method for coronary heart disease which has a 33 percent higher accuracy rate compared with conventional methods.
Chinese study shows deleting key gene can inhibit lung cancer2018-08-06
Chinese researchers have found that lung cancer can be inhibited by knocking out a key gene in cells, according to a recent study published in the international journal Theranostics.
China launches exascale supercomputer prototype2018-08-06
China on Sunday put into operation a prototype exascale computing machine, the next-generation supercomputer, according to the developers. The Sunway exascale computer prototype was developed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology (NRCPC), the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province, and the Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (Qingdao).
Superfast aircraft test a 'success'2018-08-06
China has successfully developed and tested a cutting-edge hypersonic aircraft that rides its own shock waves, according to the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics in Beijing.
Scientists create artificial DNA molecule2018-08-03
By editing chromosomes-the DNA molecules that carry an organism's genetic information-Chinese scientists have created a yeast strain with all the genetic information fused into a single chromosome, rather than the customary 16 for this species.
Reusable rockets taking off2018-08-02
Chinese rocket scientists are devising ways to enable some of their products to be reusable, according to senior space scientists.
China's prototype of exascale supercomputer passes tests2018-07-27
The research and development of the prototype of China's new-generation exascale supercomputer Tianhe-3 is complete, the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin announced Thursday.
China now has self-developed pipeline-checking vessel2018-07-20
China has put into operation its first self-developed marine pipelines-checking ship to help operate offshore rigs and protect the environment, the China Daily reported Friday.
Advanced rescue ship planned2018-07-20
China State Shipbuilding Corp is designing what it says is the world's most advanced rescue ship, and plans to commission it around 2021. The State-owned shipbuilder's Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute said in a statement that the ship, which has yet to be named, will be tasked with conducting search-and-rescue operations in the South China Sea with the Transport Ministry's Nanhai Rescue Bureau.
Ocean expedition heads into Arctic for studies2018-07-20
The Chinese icebreakerXuelongwill set out for northern seas on Friday to continue its research of the Arctic Ocean's environment, ocean circulation patterns and natural resources.
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