China-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation
Sino-Pak cooperation mitigating Pakistan’s fertilizer crisis2022-05-28
In recent years, the sharp rise in fertilizer prices kept farmers in Pakistan unsettling. Data shows that the cultivated land area in Pakistan has increased by 2 million hectares in the past two years, and 2021 is the year with the highest urea sales in Pakistan’s history. It is predicted that if the supply of urea cannot be guaranteed, the annual wheat yield in Pakistan may decrease by 5% to 10%.
China-Pak coop: up grading Pakistan mango production2022-05-28
Here comes the harvest season for Pakistani mangoes. This kind of fruit famed for strong flavor, high sweetness and fine fiber has long been favored by the world market.
Fig industry: a new sweet page for China-Pak agricultural coop2022-05-27
“As a large agricultural country, about 65-70 percent of Pakistan’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Compared with traditional crops such as wheat, maize and cotton, fig, as an emerging cash crop, can obviously play a greater role in promoting farmers’ income. At present, we have carried out a small-scale fig soil environmental improvement experiment to adopt the “actinomycetes + biochar” fertilization mode, which has achieved remarkable results,” noted Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Shar, Researcher of Yangling Fig Research Institute. His viewpoint was echoed by Eric Fang, Chairman of Yangling Fig Industry Development Company Ltd, “In the future, in addition to simple planting experiments, we hope to bring a complete set of technical systems to Pakistan.”
300-acre Pak-China Red Chilli Contract Farm achieving bumper harvest2022-05-27
6 model farms under Pakistan-China Red Chilli Contract Farming Project are achieving a bumper harvest in southern Punjab and northern Sindh, Pakistan, with an estimated yield of 700 tons of dried chillies.
Can sericulture help boost farmers’ income?2022-05-26
"We’ve earned Rs 70,000 in one month. However, if I work elsewhere, even with my kids, I can’t earn that much," said Muhammad Aslam, a silkworm farmer in Changa Manga, Punjab, Pakistan.
Quality control to accelerate Pakistan mangoes entering Chinese market2022-05-25
"Quality control is the keyword of this year’s mango export," said Adnan Hafeez, director of Imperial Ventures (Pvt) Ltd. The first shipment of Pakistani mangoes of the present season will arrive in Kunming, China this week.
OIG, AsiaPak sign MOU to produce animal protein in Pakistan2022-05-23
An MOU was signed between Optima Integration Group (OIG) headquartered in Shenzhen, China and AsiaPak Investments headquartered in Hong Kong, China today to set up an end-to-end supply chain for agricultural products, especially animal protein products, which will be produced in Pakistan and transported to China for consumption.
Hybrid oilseed rape to help ease edible oil shortage in Pakistan2022-05-22
Our hybrid canola variety has been planted in Pakistan on about 10,000 hectares of land, covering around 6000 households. In the next three to five years, we expect it to expand to over 40,000 hectares and provide more, healthier edible oil to Pakistani people.
Sorghum industry has huge potential space to make progress within China-Pakistan cooperation2022-05-20
The first variety of sorghum supplied to America in 1855 was exported from China. If Pakistan and China continue to cooperate in the sorghum industry, we need to strengthen the breeding program of sorghum, which can be done with the help of China
More Chinese seeds to enter Pakistan2022-05-18
“We are about to promote corn, cotton, wheat, and vegetable seeds in Pakistan to assist Pakistan in variety optimization and yield improvement of these crops,” said Zhang Qin, vice president of China Seed Association, who is also the CEO of Win-all Hi-Tech Seed Co., Ltd, a leading seed enterprise in China.
Pakistan's dried fruits have a huge market in China2022-05-17
To tap the numerous potential of Pakistan’s dried fruits export, the Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, held a webinar today on the export of dried fruits and nuts from Pakistan to China.
Pakistani pine nuts exports to China up $25 million in first quarter of 20222022-05-17
Pakistani Pine nuts exports to China in the first three months of this year achieved a historical figure of $25.13 million, according to the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC).
Pakistan's export of sesamum seeds to China up 102% to $46 million in Q1 20222022-05-16
Pakistan's export of sesamum seeds to China achieved a historical figure of $45.99 million, rising by 102.49 percent in the first quarter of 2022, said Badar U Zaman, Commercial Counsellor of the Pakistani Embassy in China.
Pakistan's rice exports to China surpass 4.66 lakh tons in Q12022-05-13
Pakistan's rice export in the first quarter of this year surpassed 4.66 lakh tons ( around half-million tonnes), worth around $176 million, according to the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC).
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