China's Antitrust Probes
11 Japanese firms fined for antitrust violation2014-09-18
Eleven Japanese companies have been fined for fixing electrical devices'prices, said the nation's antitrust regulator on Thursday.
EU envoy to China: Probes not targeting foreign firms2014-09-17
The new European Union ambassador to China said it does not make sense to say the country is targeting foreign companies for antitrust investigations based on just one or two cases.
NDRC: antitrust probe into qualcomm ends2014-09-14
China's top economic planner says its anti trust investigation into Qualcomm has finished, and will enter the stage of punishment.
3 cement companies fined for price-fixing2014-09-10
A subsidiary of China's largest cement company was fined for antitrust violations on Tuesday.
Cement companies slapped with fine for antitrust violation2014-09-10
Three Chinese domestic cement companies were fined a total of 114 million yuan($18.5 million)for meddling with cement pricing, according to the nation's antitrust regulator on Tuesday.
Antitrust unit visits medical devices and semi-conductor firms2014-09-04
A Chinese anti-monopoly team visited medical device s and semi-conductor firms in Shanghai at the start of September, the country's Mini stry of Commerce said in a statement on Thursday, without making clear the purpose of the visit.
Official denies Starbucks a target for investigation2014-08-14
China's antitrust regulator denied that Starbucks Corp would be its next target for investigation.
More than 1,000 auto companies are probed2014-08-13
More than 1,000 Chinese and overseas companies in the auto industry, including manufacturers, suppliers and dealers, are involved in anti-monopoly investigations.
China's anti-monopoly policy benefits all market players2014-08-11
China's market regulator launched separate anti-monopoly probes into foreign business a few months ago and announced on Wednesday that it would punish giants including Microsoft Corp, Apple.
Foreign, domestic companies equal before law2014-08-11
Foreign and domestic companies are treated equally before the anti-monopoly law, a spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) said over the weekend, in response to the country's recent wave of antitrust probes into foreign companies.
All companies equal before anti-monopoly law: MOC2014-08-10
Chinese and foreign companies are equal in front of China's anti-monopoly law, a Ministry of Commerce spokesman said on Saturday in response to recent probes into a number of foreign firms.
China car probes aim for fair market: association2014-08-08
China's ongoing anti-monopoly investigations into foreign auto makers are aimed at building a fair market, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers(CAAM)said on Friday.
China car probes mark anti-monopoly war2014-08-06
China on Wednesday announced that it will punish two auto giants for monopolistic practices, indicating a step up in enforcement of the country's six-year-old Anti-Monopoly Law.
China to punish Chrysler, Audi for anti-trust violations: official2014-08-06
Two separate anti-trust probes into Chrysler and Audi have found that the two multinational carmakers have pursued monopolistic practices and will be punished, an official with China's top economic planning agency said Wednesday.
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