China issues guidelines to ease burden of young students2021-07-25
Chinese authorities have introduced a set of guidelines to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education.
China to strengthen after-school services to support three-child policy2021-07-21
Lyu Yugang, an official with the Ministry of Education, said Wednesday that after-school services will be further promoted as a support measure for China's three-child policy.
Alliance targets mental health of children2021-07-05
The Yangtze River Delta Region Children and Adolescents' Mental Health Enhancement Alliance was recently established in Shanghai, aiming to help youths manage their emotions and stress levels when dealing with others.
1310042771_16254064409681n_副本.jpg Graduates of 2020 attend commencement ceremony of Renmin University of China2021-07-05
Graduates of 2020 attend commencement ceremony of Renmin University of China
China works to improve quality, reach of academic periodicals2021-06-26
China's central and state authorities have urged efforts to improve the quality of academic periodicals, strengthen their communication capabilities and make them more influential.
New department to supervise after-school training program2021-06-16
China's Ministry of Education on Tuesday announced the establishment of a special department for supervising after-school education and training programs.
Public more rational on gaokao2021-06-08
At around 8 am on Monday, Wu Ruifang and her husband sent their son to a test center in Beijing's Chaoyang district and wished him good luck on the national college entrance exam, or gaokao.
139993709_16230501212031n.jpg China holds Gaokao with tailored COVID-19 control measures in place2021-06-08
China holds Gaokao with tailored COVID-19 control measures in place
Record number of students to sit for college entrance exam2021-06-03
A record 10.78 million students around China are expected to take this year's all-important national college entrance exam - the gaokao - from Monday to Tuesday, the Ministry of Education said on Wednesday.
China adopts measures to safeguard college entrance exam2021-06-03
Multiple government agencies have planned measures to safeguard the college entrance exam across China, according to the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.
Private schools account for one-third of Chinese schools2021-05-18
China has 186,700 private schools as of 2020, accounting for more than one-third of all Chinese educational institutions, the Ministry of Education said on Monday.
China will have 9 mln new college graduates this year2021-05-13
China is expected to have 9.09 million new graduates from the country's universities and colleges this year, 350,000 more than the number from last year, the Ministry of Education said Thursday.
139903889_16193060675431n_????.jpg Tsinghua University to commemorate 110th anniversary2021-04-25
Tsinghua University to commemorate 110th anniversary
Chinese college graduates' job seeking choices more diversified: survey2021-04-18
China's fresh college graduates have shown interest in a wider range of occupations during the ongoing spring recruitment season, according to a survey recently conducted by China Youth Daily.
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