60fdfafaa310efa1e3b157a5.jpg New Shanghai museum looks to the heavens2021-07-26
There has always been the desire to observe and explore the cosmos, and the recent opening of a new astronomy museum in Shanghai has triggered even more curiosity among enthusiastic visitors about the unknown.
未命名_副本.jpg China's Mars rover travels over 509 meters on red planet2021-07-19
China's Mars rover travels over 509 meters on red planet
China kicks off lunar sample study programs2021-07-12
China on Monday delivered about 17 grams of lunar samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 probe to 13 institutions, which had applied for research programs to the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration.
China releases new images taken by Mars rover2021-07-10
China's Mars rover Zhurong has traveled more than 300 meters on the surface of the red planet and sent back new images about the Martian rocks, sand and dust.
Homemade spacesuits ensure safety of Chinese astronauts in space2021-07-08
China's self-developed spacesuits have ensured the safety of astronauts during their stay in the space station core module Tianhe and while performing extravehicular activities (EVAs) outside the module.
China launches new meteorological satellite2021-07-05
China sent a new meteorological satellite into planned orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Monday morning.
1310042531_16254065143331n_副本.jpg Chinese astronauts complete first extravehicular activities for space station construction2021-07-05
Chinese astronauts have completed extravehicular activities (EVAs) and returned to the space station core module Tianhe, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) on Sunday.
1127621309_16253727830391n_副本.jpg Chinese astronauts out of spacecraft for extravehicular activities2021-07-04
Chinese astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo had both slipped out of the space station core module Tianhe by 11:02 a.m. (Beijing Time) on Sunday, starting extravehicular activities (EVAs), according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA).
HK team plays crucial role in mission to Mars2021-06-29
Last month, a set of black-and-white photographs of a desolate desert, showing nothing but rocks, dust and craters, lay in front of Wang Yiran, a postdoctoral fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Students, space stars meet, talk cosmology2021-06-26
"What's the view like in outer space? Can astronauts look directly at the sun? I think they can always put on sunglasses when they look at the sun. I haven't been to outer space. Maybe, in the future, you could be the one to tell me how's the view up there when you become an astronaut."
China's space-tracking ship completes tasks for Tianzhou-2, Shenzhou-12 missions2021-06-22
China's Yuanwang-6 space-tracking ship returned to its homeport on Monday after completing its telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) tasks for the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft and Shenzhou-12 manned spaceship missions.
Astronauts arrange new 'home' in space2021-06-19
Astronauts on board the core module of China's space station have started to prepare their orbiting residence for operations over the next three months.
China launches first crewed mission for space station construction2021-06-18
Three Chinese astronauts aboard the Shenzhou-12 spaceship have entered the country's space station core module Tianhe, dedicating to four major tasks in the in-orbit construction of the station in the following three months.
China's Shenzhou-12 mission contributes further to human space exploration2021-06-18
China on Thursday successfully launched the Shenzhou-12 manned spaceship, ushering in a new era for humanity's exploration of space.
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