What to do in Dalian 72-hour visa-free policy
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Useful Information

Useful Telephone Numbers

ChinaCountry Code Number: 0086

DalianCityCode Number: 0411

Government complaint Hotline: 12345 (English service available)

Exit and Entry Administration ofDalianPublic Security Bureau Hotline: 86766108

Tourism Information Hotline: 96181

Police: 110

First Aid: 120

EMS Express (or Post office) Service: 11185

Taxi Complaint Hotline: 83638119

Dalian Tourism Bureau website:


Sightseeing Bus:

The sightseeing bus route operates from mid April to end of October. It gives tourists a 90-minute ride at the price of only RMB 10.00 per person. Using the same ticket, tourists can get on or off the bus at each of the 18 scenic spots over the course of a day.

The route starts at the southern square of the Dalian Railway Station and passes by the municipal government,Xinghai Square, the coastalBinhai Road, the city's CBD, and circles back to the railway station.

Bus and BRT:

The price of a ticket is usually RMB 1.00 or 2.00. Passengers should pay exact fares (no change is available) or use traffic card.


The base fare is RMB 8.00 for the first3 km. It increases by RMB 2.00 for each additional km. At night (10pm to 5am), the fare is 30% higher.

When the taxi goes slower than12 km/hfor more than 5 minutes, RMB 0.30 for every additional low-speed minute will be charged.

Light Rail:

The rail goes from Dalian Railway Station in downtown area to theGoldenPebbleBeach(Jinshitan) national tourist resort.

The ticket fares range from RMB 1.00 to 8.00 according to different distances.

Plus, Subway system is under construction.

Trip Planner

InDalian, a port city in Northeast China'sLiaoningprovince, you must enjoy beautiful natural scenery, taste delicious seafood, swim at a bathing beach, and take a hot spring spa.

72 hours is not enough to explore even all the attractions along its picturesqueBinhai Road. Here we list most of the must-go places and it is best for you to focus only on several parts.

Day 1

The first day, you can take the sightseeing bus to see the city's most beautiful scenery. Or you can take a taxi to go the same route.

After breakfast, go for a walk at People's Square. Maybe you can meet policewomen patrolling on horseback at the square in front of the municipal government. It is a symbol ofDalian.

Then, move forward toXinghai Square. It is called the largest square inAsia. At the very center of the square, there stands a 19.97-meter-high cloud pillar (Huabiao) for the celebration of the re-unification of Hong Kong withChinain 1997. There is also a sculpture commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment ofDalianas a modern city.

The square also acts as the avenue for many expos and activities, such as Dalian International Beer Festival and Dalian Auto Show.

If you are interested in seeing marine and polar animals, you can visit nearby Sun Asia Sea World orLaohutanOceanParkabout10 kmaway.

Next, we go to breathe some fresh air along theBinhai Roadat the southern coast ofDalian. With imposing mountain scenery on one side and ragged seaside cliffs on the other, the road is one of the most fascinating destinations inDalian.

It links many attractions, including forest zoo, Fujiazhuang bathing beach, andBeidaBridge.

The20.99 km-long wooden walkway along the road is the longest in the world. You can get off the car and spend some time atMountBird's Nest (Yanwoling) to feel the nature.

Refuel yourself at the Fisherman Pier (Yuren Matou) before heading forBangchuiIsland.

BangchuiIslandis a state guest hotel as well as a good place for recreation. There, you enjoy swimming and sun bathing for a while. Its water quality is one of the best amongDalian's bathing beaches.

If you take a shot snap on the bus and get off atZhongshan Square, surrounded by century-old European style buildings, you'll find it is like coming back to busy world from a short trip to suburb.

The1.3 km-longRenmin Roadthat connects the square and the Eastern Harbor Commercial Area is the city's central business district.

Dine on delicious seafood at a restaurant in 15 Ku (No.15 warehouse, which is transformed from a warehouse of relocatedDalianPort).

Wrap up the first day trip with shopping atDashang Pedestrian Streetand the undergroundVictoryPlaza(Shengli Square), a great place to buy gifts. Be careful, it is not a good idea to wondering around alone because most probably you will get lost underground.

Day 2

Take light rail from its terminal near Dalian Railway Station to Jinshitan, the Golden Pebble Beach State Tourist Resort. It takes about one hour to get there.

Jinshitan is called the back garden of the romantic city ofDalian. The special marine abrasion landform won it the title ofChineseStateGeologicalPark.

You can also cover all the scenery spots by sightseeing bus. The ticket is RMB 10.00 per person for the whole day.

Start the journey fromJinshiCulturalExpoCenter, which accommodates a waxworks museum, a museum collecting badges of Chairman Mao Zedong, and theMysteriousLifeMuseum.MysteriousLifeMuseumreveals the vertebrate evolution process by more than 2000 specimens preserved by advanced plastination technology.

Then, go to admire the wonderful work of nature along the seaside. Definitely stop atDinosaurLeisurePark. The mountain was carved by nature as a dinosaur drinking water in the sea. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can dine at the sidewalk seafood booth.

If you are still energetic, have fun in theDiscoverylandTheme Park(on operation from April to October). With splendid amusement facilities, you can linger there until it close in 9 pm.

Or you go to Tang Dynasty Hot Spring club, stay there for one night and have a hot spring spa next day.

Or if you love playing golf, you can have a good time at Jinshi Golf Club for the whole day.

Day 3

Driving for about 40 minutes from downtownDalian, you arrive atDalian's Lushunkou District.

When going throughLushun South Road, you can have a glance atDalian's software industrial belt, a most dynamic industry for this city. Also, if it is the cherry blossom season (only about seven to 16 days in early spring), do drop in the cherry blossom park at Longwangtang.

Located at the southernmost tip of theLiaodongPeninsula,Lushunhas the reputation of “half the modern history ofChina”. Since the end of the 19th century, it started to be an important military port.

As the main battle field of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 and the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, it has many War relics and historic sites, such as Russia-Japan Prison, Dongjiguan Hill, and 203Highland.

Climb the Baiyu Hill and the white tower, which was built after the Russo-Japanese War by the Japanese invaders to commemorate their causalities, to have a bird's eye view ofLushun.

Then, you can go to Laotieshan, a National Natural Preserve. Every spring and fall, millions of migrating birds fly over the hill. There is a famous lighthouse built in 1893. Standing at the promontory rock in front of the main peak, you can see the natural division between the Yellow Sea and theBohaiSea.

Other options for two or three-day trip:

In summer, travel to Bingyu Provincial Tourism Resort in Zhuanghe. With beautiful mountain, river, and fancy cave and rock, this place is of comparable beauty withGuilininSouthwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

In winter, enjoy hot spring spa and skiing in Pulandian, Wafangdian, or Lushun.

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