Shenzhen's 40th Anniversary as SEZ
未命名_副本.jpg Shenzhen: from cultural desert to city of design2020-10-21
Shenzhen: from cultural desert to city of design
China issues list of approved measures for Shenzhen reforms2020-10-19
China has unveiled a list of 40 authorized measures to facilitate the pilot reforms in Shenzhen to build the city into a demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics, authorities said.
China to build Shenzhen into global innovation-oriented city2020-10-19
China will turn the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in southern Guangdong Province into a global innovation-oriented city, a Chinese official said Sunday.
Economic Watch: What does Shenzhen SEZ tell about China's economic future?2020-10-17
The southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen is known for many "firsts" in the country's economic history: the first land auctioned, the first stock issued and the first export industrial zone set up after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.
Top center for marine economy growing in Shenzhen2020-10-16
The southern economic powerhouse of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is determined to build itself into a world-class center of marine economy, according to local officials.
未命名_副本.jpg Rapid change of Shenzhen documented by correspondent with photos2020-10-16
Rapid change of Shenzhen documented by correspondent with photos
Bright prospects in Shenzhen where dreams come true2020-10-15
Chen Chun was one of the few invited guests at the grand gathering on Wednesday marking the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone who was not wearing a suit and tie, which made him quite an eye-catching presence.
Shenzhen takes lead in China's further opening-up2020-10-15
China's economic reform and opening-up to the outside world that started in December 1978, when the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially set the reform drive in motion, can be seen as two sides of a coin. Shenzhen has been a pioneer in this historic endeavor since the beginning.
Mutualism between HK and Shenzhen will continue2020-10-15
China's reform and opening-up can be referred to as one of the world's miraculous events over the past 50 years. During the process, Shenzhen has become the epitome of wonders, transforming itself from a small fishing village into one of the five advanced cities in Asia. Such a metamorphosis could not have been achieved without the involvement of Hong Kong, which has been playing an active and essential role in achieving this feat.
Innovation key to city's success, say entrepreneurs2020-10-15
Shenzhen's success is inextricably linked with advances in science, technology and innovation resulting from reform and opening-up and its adoption of a market-oriented economy, officials and entrepreneurs said.
Xi: Forge ahead with reform, opening-up2020-10-15
President Xi Jinping reaffirmed on Wednesday China's commitment to forging ahead with reform and opening-up as he outlined a new vision for Shenzhen 40 years after it was set up as the country's first special economic zone.
Commentary: How openness and cooperation turned Shenzhen from a tiny backwater into a global metropolis2020-10-15
As China's Shenzhen Special Economic Zone embraces its 40th birthday this year amid a raging coronavirus pandemic, a bleeding global economy and profound global transformations rarely seen in a century, decoding the secret formula of the rapid rise of a small Chinese fishing village bears a special global significance.
Roundup: Int'l experts say world expects more participation in reform, opening up of China's special economic zones2020-10-15
International experts have said the world expects to participate more in the reform, opening up and development of China's special economic zones and join hands with China to build a new pattern of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.
Grand gathering held to celebrate 40th anniv. of establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone2020-10-14
Grand gathering held to celebrate 40th anniv. of establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone
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